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The process of block wall construction requires upfront training, skills, and competence. I am a proficient concrete contractor who has been working on such projects for many years. JS Concrete is the name of my company, and I operate in Torrance, CA.

If you need to build a strong and stable wall around your property as a part of a remodeling job, for example, I am the builder you need. With my knowledge and constant development as a professional contractor, I will be extremely happy to help you achieve your personal goals. Being familiar with the local zoning and permitting requirements, I can build a structure to enhance your home. I have to take many different factors into account. The resistance of exterior walls to burning and decay is directly related to the material used and the amount of fire ignition components in the surrounding areas. Utilizing only top-notch materials, equipment, and techniques, I am capable of executing both small and large tasks. Do you need a brick veneer, reverse brick veneer, or solid brick wall? Let’s talk about your insights and ideas and come up with the most efficient action plan.

Block wall construction is an industry that uses so many different construction materials and methodologies. I will always select the one that guarantees quick execution and satisfactory results. When the job is done right, you will have a durable exterior structure to contribute to the maintenance of your property. You can hire me to build a wall out of natural stone blocks and reduce material and labor costs with professional design and project management services.

If your home is in Torrance CA or up to 30 miles radius, allow me to come and check the area and recommend a proper action plan. I will build the structure you need. You can reach JS Concrete at (310) 387-9267‬ and expect to receive a professional attitude and fantastic final results.

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